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Automotive Conveying Systems

Car Assembly systems & conveyors sit at the heart of our business. Many years of delivering turn-key systems into the automotive industry has driven quality and reliability into our equipment designs. The application of key design and engineering processes such as Finite Element Analysis, Reliability and Maintainability principles and design risk assessments ensure we deliver reliable equipment to the highest manufacturing standards demanded by our customers.

TSUK offer a full range of conveyor standards for all areas of vehicle production. Body in White, Paint Systems, and Trim & Final Assembly all require variations of our base conveying technology. TSUK have a full compliment of overhead, on-floor and in-floor conveyors to suit all car assembly applications.  


  • Main Line Skillet Conveyors

  • Semi Precision & Precision Lifters

  • Skid & GEO Pallet Power Roller Beds

  • Skid & GEO Turntables & Shuttles

  • Main Line OHC, Power & Free 

  • Inverted Power & Free  Main Line OHC, 240 EMS

  • Sub-Assembly OHC 180 EMS

  • Skid Stackers / Vertical Stores 

  • Fixed & Gullwing Carriers – Pantograph Options

  • Skid Power Roller Beds

  • Skid Turntables & Shuttles

  • Skid Accumulation Conveyors

  • Chain Transfer Conveyors

  • Elevators & Lifters

  • On Floor / In Floor Slat Conveyors 

  • Accumulating Chain Conveyors

  • Chassis & Marriage Systems

  • Powertrain Assembly Conveyors – Chain & Roller

  • JIT System Conveyors & Lorry Docking

  • Pallet Conveyors

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