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Automated Logistics Systems

The demand for ‘Just In Time’ (JIT) solutions, roll-on/off lorry docking and pallet automated storage and retrieval is now at the heart of our business. Material handling is the key to efficient pallet and parcel transport, sortation and delivery for any high volume logistics supply chain company. TSUK can select from wide range of standard equipment to meet the requirements of our customers from the simplest of picking conveying system to large scale automated warehouse solutions. Simulation software and facility modelling allow us to plan, engineer, assemble and prove complex systems virtually before the equipment even hits our shop floor.


Conveyor Technology

TSUK own Electrified Monorail Systems (EMS) & DC Roller Track solutions are just some of the many In-house technologies that we use in providing our customers with ‘Turn-key’ logistics solutions. High-speed overhead and inverted pallet transport conveyors provide a quiet and reliable means of transporting product through your facility. Standard elevators, track switches and shuttles provide full flexibility in configuring a conveyor solution to suit any system layout and specification.


End of Line Equipment

TSUK have developed end of line equipment incorporating the latest in ‘Plug & Play’ solutions. TSUK has embraced Industry 4.0 and is integrating the latest of IOT (Internet of Things) software and sensors necessary to provide real-time feedback and information to system users to understand when and how the equipment needs maintenance and repair. Our unique customer portal allows users to log-in and view all asset information necessary to maintain their equipment and easily select and order spare parts.

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