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Renovated Building


Innovative Assembly Solutions

The unprecedented demand for modular home building has driven investment in new technology to increase production and efficiencies while maintaining quality and product variation. TSUK have developed a number of material handling solutions that meet the customer’s needs while maintaining a safe working environment for personal on the production line.  New innovative automation for sub-assembly production also provides our customers with the opportunity to reduce manning levels, increase quality and lower costs.


Module Assembly Lines

With product weights of up to 25,000kgs and variations in product dimensions TSUK engineers had to develop on-floor solutions that can transport modules station to station and deal with variation in product footprint. Multiproduct adaptors, heavy duty transport carriages & pusher units provide a reliable solution for safe transport of  the product during build. TSUK engineering team have developed a number of transport solutions designed specifically to meet the needs of a new and challenging sector.

Automated Wall Assembly

Our strong relationship with robotic automation strategic partners and application of handling technologies enabled TSUK to offer our customers  a unique approach to sub-assembly of key modular build components. Friction drive conveyors, butterfly tables and robotic joining systems offer quality solutions to manufacturers looking to increase production through application of automated production systems.


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