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Food and Beverage

TSUK have delivered projects into high and low care areas within Food & Beverage production facilities. The application of food safe materials and equipment design ensure we deliver equipment to the highest standards for conveying of produce throughout the customers processing facility. 

TSUK often operate as a system integrator working direct for clients but will happily work along side specialist equipment manufacturers as a second tier supplier. Our project management team are consistently focused on meeting the needs of our clients providing necessary project timing and status reports throughout the project life cycle. We pride ourselves on flexibility and transparency with all of our clients, securing repeat business year after year. 


End of Line Equipment

TSUK have developed end of line equipment incorporating the latest in ‘Plug & Play’ solutions. TSUK has embraced Industry 4.0 and is integrating the latest of IOT (internet of things) software and sensors necessary to provide real-time feedback and information to system users to when and how the machine needs maintenance and repair.

Our unique customer portal allows users to log-in and view all asset information necessary to maintenance their equipment and easily select and order spare parts. 

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